The Jesus Pill

Because accepting Jesus Christ as Lord should be as easy as swallowing a pill.

Why is it so hard today for Christians to share their faith? Well, because most of them are not Christians at all, they are Pharisees. They are offended by nearly everything that they didn't hear from the pulpit. They are easily offended. They are on the prowl like roaring lions looking for someone to devour, looking for fault in people so they can correct them with the words “the bible says”.

But what if the bible really didn't say? What if they have it all wrong? The bible is, after all, a collection of books put together by men, books that were written by men, books that the institutions of Christianity assert are the very words of God. What about the words of Jezebel and the devil in the bible, are they also the words of God? Where do we draw the line on what is and is not the word of God?

What if you knew that: -

You used to be an angel in heaven.

You were deceived by another greater angel masquerading as God and worshipped this angel as God after being deceived. This angel promised you that you could be like God. When you believed this angel, because you were already God in essence you created yourself as an inferior corrupted entity desiring to be God. Ego was born.

There was a war in heaven, there can only be one God and if anyone else desires this they would have to first topple God.

You were given a body of flesh (coat of skin in the Garden of Eden allegory) and cast into the lake of fire, our universe. Have you ever noticed that our sun and stars are massive fireballs and that our world is full of death and suffering and our planet is suspended in outer darkness? Have you ever noticed Revelation is written in past tense?

Reincarnation is true, it makes perfect sense in hell. We are in hell now. On the third earth after we wrecked the first two in much the same way as we are wrecking this one.

Hell is not forever.

If this is hell, God is love.

Jesus came into hell to get us out.

Anyone that believes in Jesus and calls on His name and worships Him as Lord and the one true God will be saved.

Jesus is the avatar of God.

You will be restored through faith in Jesus to your rightful place back in heaven with God, as an angel, as you were first created, never to die again.  Jesus is our Father in heaven, and His father is God, the Holy Spirit, the one we are not to blaspheme. We are all sons of God through adoption through faith in Jesus.

The third person in the trinity, is you. We are all one.

"The LORD God" in the Old Testament is not God at all, it is the angel Jehovah, the one who will fall, the one who makes to fall, the one who made Adam and Eve blind to their nakedness in the Garden of Eden, the one who cursed the earth, who cursed Adam and Eve and who cursed Canaan and made it a land of bloodshed, the one who creates with hands and not voice, the one whose creation account is the reverse of God's in Genesis 1, the one who Jacob saw on the ladder with other angels. The one who forced law on Israel. The one who deceived Paul on the road to Damascus and made him blind and fall down (something Jesus would never do), the one who brought a Pharisee into the church to create division.

It is the desire and plan of God that salvation is universal, that eventually everyone will be saved. Some might take more ages, or more earth restoration/destruction cycles and lives in reincarnation before they have been in the fire long enough to submit to God through faith in Jesus.

I cover all of these topics in my book, The Jesus Pill, it is available in draft form for download free here from this site simply because although I have written a lot it is still being written and I will update from time to time as I add more chapters.

I use the bible mostly to prove what I have written above in my book. The rest is obvious you see it with your own eyes and it is recorded in history.

A draft of the book can be downloaded here but it is still being written, it is soon to be published.

If you would like to read it, please click this link below to download a draft copy of the as yet unfinished "The Jesus Pill" book by Martin Thomas Glass.

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